• From 5th to 7th june, 2014


    Thinking and Action; Earth, Home and Landscape of Places

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Venue: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) - San Agustín Room

  • Invitation IFLA President - Desiree Martinez

    Mexico City, January 16th, 2014

    Dear all,

    I am so happy and proud to announce the 51st World Congress, which will be taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from June 5th to the 7th.

    Thinking and Action” is the theme chosen by our dear colleagues to celebrate how our profession is contributing more and more both with innovative ideas and with actions that take on the challenges of our complex world.

    Besides the outstanding speakers and technical tours, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the special flair of Buenos Aires in autumn, the great Argentinian cuisine and fine wines and of course the beautiful Argentinian urban and rural landscape!

    Within IFLA we have also put a lot of thought into renewing and refreshing our strategy; now it is time to implement these changes, time to take action!

    This June we will all dance to the music of the TANGO, enjoy being together, cultivate friendship and feel the wind of Buenos Aires in our hair!

    Hope to see you all there!!!

    Con un abrazo,



  • Invitation CAAP President - Guadalupe Bunge

    Dear Colleagues,

    As we are advancing in the organization and getting closer to the date of the 51st IFLA World Congress, it becomes clearer that our efforts and wishes are justified, as we can prove that thinking and action are as old and bound to human being as his own landscape.

    Regardless  of  the  dates  and  the   deadlines,  I  have  the   conviction  that  it  is worthwhile  to spend  some time, which is  independent of  virtual or  immediate reality, to think over the way to reinforce bonds with the environment around us, in spite of our rights and wrongs, it is the landscape that holds us and in some way influences our thoughts.

    Thinking  / action,  earth / home, territory / landscapes,  are  the  themes  that  invite  us  to  the  51st Congress, and they have in common the strong relationship of man and his ethic unto Nature.

    I  would  like  that  this  event  integrates  all the  many  ideas and  possible  actions  for a  better world, related  to  a  better  landscape. This is  why  I  renew  the  invitation  and  remind you  the  established deadlines to join us in the Congress:

    •          Early bird registration before: March 15th
    •          Abstracts of Papers should be received  before: March 21st
    •          People interested in the Charrette, should be enrolled in the Congress before: March 28th
    •          Entries for Students Competition should  be received before: May 5th, at 12:00 pm

    We are eager to see you so as to share our commitment with the Landscape.


    Guadalupe Bunge

    CAAP President

  • Venue: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) - San Agustín Room
  • Themes
    Thought and Action oriented to academic, research and professional responses:
  • Precongress Activities


    June 4th
    Buenos Aires City

  • Organizing Committee and Partners

    51st IFLA World Congress Argentina 2014 - Organizing Committee



  • 6/6/2014 | 12:15 .

    Friday 6th - 12:15 pm

    Laura Spinadel

    Keynote Conference

    Campus WU: holictic story

    BUSarchitectur y BOA büro für offensive aleatorik/Vien, Austria

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